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    hi, i have a friend who gave me 3 chickens(around 4 weeks old), i didnt know what they were, her husband raises them, for perdue farms, well, i have found out, from reading byc:p, that these are meat chickens!! they are extremely huge!! & lazy, i have regular chickens, rir roo, 2 white leghorn hens, & 2 cornish hens(these cornish hens look nothing like these cornish x's)& some silkies, now, my ?, i don't want to eat them, can i keep them with the rest of my flock?can i improve there chances for longevity? i have them in a separate pen, the silkies are still in the brooder, & the rest are in a big pen, & they are a yr. old, & what can i feed these big guys, that wont put so much weight on them so fast, or am i just wasting my time??[​IMG]
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    most people ristrict their feed I personaly don't believe in raising cornish X's and pets or regular birds but I know Hooligan and Dlunihorn have raised them and will have lots of tips.


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