meat duck too fat?


11 Years
Nov 23, 2008
Long Island, NY
i have a pekin duck that i rescued as a duckling from a meat farm.... my only concern is how fat she has become... can ducks become too fat??? what can i do to help slim her down. i will try to post pics of her soon and you can tell me if she looks to fat or not... i believe shes about 11 pounds
She may be a strain of Pekin that is specifically bred for size and weight since she was at a meat farm.
You also mention that "she has become." Has she gained extra weight while in your care? If so, review what you feed her. If she's receiving lots of corn that might be one possibility.
You could also offer her more greens and vegetables in lieu of a processed diet. Also, if she is cage or pen kept, she will get less exercise than a free range duck.
i had her since she was a day old so im not sure what the normal weight is of the duck she just is huge
she eats tons and tons of greens i get it free from the supermarket here and she gets no corn... there is always layena available for any of them to eat. shes just big and i dont want her to have a shorter life span because of it
She looks normal to me . I have a friend who has pekins and she looks just like her ducks . THe pekins are fat even the one's not bred to be large for meat. My friends ducks we bought on a duck farm an individual had all kinds of different breeds and mixed breeds so they were not bought from a hatchery so I am saying they just get fat and chunky butted lol. They do waddle bigtime too. But your girl is a beaut!!!
Greens and no corn is about the best thing you can do. If she was a rescued meat duck then she is most likely going to be kinda of tubby, but the diet you have her on will keep her healthy.
ill also ask all of you who watched the video!! did you hear my blue swed quacking?? does it sound more maleish? lol because i still don't know if its a he or she. . . my peking has started laying again but not the swed!

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