Meat in a chicken's diet.


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We have turkey, and chicken dinners enough, and once the carcass has been carved, we drop the rest in a pot of water to make a nice Turkey or Chicken noodle soup. When we dip the bones, and all that out, invariably there is still some meat left behind in the pile of scrap that we aren't going to put in our soup... can the chickens, and my ducks handle a few turkey scraps? And should we separate out the bones?

My chickens like nothing better than a nice turkey carcass to pick over like the little buzzards they are.
I put the whole carcass in my pressure cooker for 20 mins with a little water. I then give the chickens the whole thing. They LOVE it. There is nothing at all left in a half hour. The pressure cooker makes all the bones super soft and the chickens can get the marrow out. Did I say they LOVE it? They LOVE it. lol
You could also boil the carcass in a pot for hours but the pressure cooker works super fast.
I pressure cook any chicken or turkey carcass as well, though I normally go a full hour since I feed it to the dog and worry about intestinal punctures. Pressure cookers are AWESOME!
Just throw the whole carcass out to them.
There is no need to clean the meat off the bones or pressure cook the carcass that is just a lot of not needed work.

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It's not work if you're pressure cooking/simmering the carcass for stock anyways

The bones are usually pretty close to mush by the time I get done with making stock, plus the veggies I add for the stock. Whatever strains out goes to the animals and the liquid gets frozen for later.

There's scattered chicken bones in my run from the time I gave them chicken wings. They get lost in the dirt/shavings so I don't even bother to pick them back up. THAT seems like unnecessary work to me.

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