Meat Processing Demonstration in Oregon 11/13/10

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  1. Hi all, I didn't know where to talk about this but I think Meat Birds ETC is the perfect place. I have been butchering small animals for over 10 years and want to invite anyone and everyone in the Portland, OR area to our farm for our first Meat Processing Demonstration. I have been teaching individual how to butcher for a long time and talking to groups about how we humanely raise and process our own chickens, turkeys, etc.

    I will be processing several species of poultry including a rabbit. We hope to process a broad breasted turkey and a heritage turkey as well as a cornish cross chicken and a heritage breed chicken to show the differences breeding selection has done to the meat industry.

    I have a lot of knowledge about the meat industry and will be answering questions about commercial practices as well as our own. Please ask any questions you have about the class.

    The class will be November 13th from 1pm-5pm. No children under 18. $30/person. Registration is required. Please email for more details.
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