Meatie Experiment: FF 'vs' Crumbles

Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by jrsckn, Jun 1, 2012.

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    Feb 14, 2012
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    In the FF thread someone noticed their chicks going under the heat lamp after eating FF so maybe the FF does result in higher heat requirement.

    Not sure about the water theory. When I switched my meaties to FF, the water that did not go into the waterer was going into the feed - but I did not measure the exact amounts. [​IMG]

    Another theory - maybe the CX do not burn as much energy to digest FF compared to dry. CX are know to generate a lot of heat. If the unfermented food that causes them to generate heat, the FF birds would need more external heat (heat lamp).
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    Apr 10, 2012
    Good point on the energy needed to digest crumbles making those chicks warmer, I hadn't though about that. You could look at it with their food intake as well; because they need to produce so much energy to digest the crumbles, they need to eat more; a vicious cycle lol.
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    Do not forget that consumption of the fermented feed may limit dry matter intake because of the water content of the feed. This might be the reason for the chicks appearing chilled.

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    Apr 10, 2012
    Day 5 6/3/12

    Bucket 2 of ff is gone started 2 more buckets due to increased feed requirements. Bucket #3 is 4C feed and bucket #4 is 8C feed.
    No new observations to report, all chicks are doing great.
    Total feed eaten by CC is 3C but they have been given a total of 7C. Total feed eaten by FFC is 8C and another 12C are fermenting.

    Day 6 6/4/12

    FFC bucket #3 is empty, 12C eaten so far with another 8C fermenting - 20C total
    CC have eaten 7C and have been given another 3C - 10C total

    Day 7 6/5/12

    FFC still working on bucket 4 (8C) - total 20C
    CC still working on same feed - total 10C

    Day 8 6/6/12 WEEK 1 Complete

    Weights 9am
    Ounces FFC CC Average Weight FFC CC Difference
    1) 4.75 4.375 4.2847 5.0625 0.7778 oz
    2) 3.5 6.0
    3) 2.75 4.75 Feed Given 20C 10C
    4) 5.125 5.75
    5) 4.375 4.625 C eaten / chick 1.11 1.25 0.14 oz
    6) 4.0 4.875 1C = 5oz
    7) 3.75 5.75
    8) 3.75 4.375
    9) 4.375 Weight Gain Since 6/1/12 FFC CC Difference
    10) 4.75 2.6177 3.1095 0.4918
    11) 4.875
    12) 3.875
    13) 4.375 At this point, it appears the CC are converting their feed slightly more
    14) 3.875 efficiently than the FFC; they gained almost a half ounce more while
    15) 4.875 eating 0.14 oz more.
    16) 5.25 FFC 2.35oz gain/oz feed; CC 2.48 oz gain/ oz feed
    17) 3.875 But, the 20C isn't completely eaten yet so this isn't 100% accurate.
    18) 5.0

    Added 3C for CC
    Bucket 5 was started - 8C
    Bucket 4 of ff was emptied and fed to FFC at 10pm
    Bucket 6 was started -8C
    FFC have been fed 20C and there are 16C currently fermenting
    CC have been fed 13C total and the feeder is not empty at 11pm
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    Sep 1, 2010
    Interesting experiment, posting so I can follow it.
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    May 7, 2012
    Have you noticed a difference in water intake? That would be interesting to keep track of over time. Also, any difference in consistancy/smell of their feces?
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    Apr 10, 2012
    There is no smell from either birds yet. I have them all in a 3'X3.5' brooder with a divider to keep them seperate. I also have ten 2 week old pullets in another brooder the same size next to them and thy're getting crumbles and fermented. So, I have 35 chicks on my 9X12 enclosed front porch with a window cracked and no smell whatsoever. In the beginning, I noticed the FFC drank more, they also have ACV in their water but at that point they weren't eating as much as the CC. Lately, I've been changing the water a few times a day so it would require a lot of measuring to keep track of how much is being used 'vs' thrown out and while I have the time, I just don't want to lol. I can barely keep my notes straight right now lol. Once they're a little older and I can hang their water to keep it clean I do plan on keeping track because I'm also interested.

    Total pounds consumed to date is 6.25 FFC + 3.125 CC = 9.375lbs for week 1

    Also to clarify, all CX are supposed to be pullets, I wanted to eliminate any variance do to gender [​IMG]
    According to Welp Hatchery guidelines, CC are on track and FFC are slightly behind.

    Pics from 6/1/12 Day 3 - first weight taken

    FF Chicks Day 3

    FF Chicks Week 1

    CC day 3

    CC Week 1
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    Apr 10, 2012
    Day 9 6/7/12

    Filled the ff;still using bucket #5; 10am and 11pm; still ff left in bucket #5
    Added 2C crumbles to CC

    Total feed is 15C CC and 28C ff (including what's left in bucket 5)

    They didn't eat quite as much today and its probably my fault; I couldn't keep the temperature consistent. With two heat lamps and outside temps approaching 80, it was difficult to say the least. I ended putting my brooders close together and only using one heat lamp.

    I have noticed a distinct smell today, kind of like something died in there, I can't quite tell where it's coming from because the meaties are all in the same brooder but I'm assuming it's from the CC. I'm sure the hot temperatures helped the smell increase as well.
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    Apr 10, 2012
    Day 10 6/8/12

    Finished bucket 5 (28C total) and started feeding from bucket 6 (36C) and started bucket 7 (44C) fermenting - using left over liquid and adding a splash of ACV and covering with water.
    Added 3C to (18C).
    No new observations.

    Day 11 6/9/12

    Still working on bucket 6 (36C)
    Add 5C to CC (23C)

    Day 12 6/12/12

    Finished bucket 6 (36C), started bucket 8 (52C) fermenting
    Add 3C to CC (26C)

    Day 13 6/11/12

    Upgrade CC to a large feeder add 8C (34C)
    Finished bucket 7 (44C)
    Did a complete cleanout of the brooder and weighed the chicks; official week 2 weigh in is due on Wednesday.
    CC weights in oz. : 10.75, 9.5, 11.375, 7.375, 11.875, 8.75, 8.875, 10.0 = 79/8= 9.875oz. average
    FFC : 9.0, 8.75, 8.5, 6.0, 4.625, 6.75, 9.0, 8.875, 7.375, 9.25, 7.625, 8.0, 6.25, 8.125, 7.375, 8.75, 6.875, 7.625= 138.75/26= 5.3365oz. average
    Difference of 4.5385 oz.
    BUT!!!!!!! The crumble chicks have consumed 26C of feed and the FFC have consumed 36C of feed and there are 10 more FFC!!! (Weights were taken before daily feed was given) They are growing slower but are also eating significantly less feed. I'll wait until Wednesday to do all the feed:weight calculations but it seems things are starting to level out a bit.
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    Are you going to let both groups free range? Curious if the CC will want to hang around the feeder or if they will actually get out and forage. I have noticed that my FFC love to forage. The fenced in part of my lawn is almost totally dandelion free because the CX seem to LOVE them!! My batch of CC last year did nothing but lay around the feeder/water area, resulting is bare chests and some seriously poopy butts.

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