Meaties went out today, is it just mine that are dumb?


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Mar 1, 2009
Middle Tennessee
I finally put my meaties in the outside brooder in the barn today, after having them in house for two weeks and going through two years of collected just sat there! It`s like they didn`t know what to do, wouldn`t go near the water, were scared of the feed container, and trying to get them under the heat was like pulling hens
They finally after a couple of hours figured out where the food was but when I went out later to check on them thet were all huddled up in the corner, not under the heat (the corners are cold, probably around 60 degrees or so. I again put them all under the heat, I surely hope they stay warm.
Does anyone else have any trouble from dumb birds? Or is it just mine (probably :)


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Feb 8, 2008
Kent, Wa
Everybody talks about how dumb meat birds are and how bad they all die. Personally I never had that kind of experience with them. I have always raised mine outside from the time I bring them home from the feed store. With a heat lamp of coarse. Mine also get to free range. I haven't lost one. If they get cold enough I suppose they'll move to where the lamp is. They can't be that stupid they all huddled up together to keep warm, right?


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Jan 13, 2008
Howard City, Michigan
While none of my birds seem particularly intelligent, I've never noticed them to be extra stupid either. Mine always find the heat, food and water within a few minutes of opening the shipping box. Maybe your mailman dropped the box a couple of times before delivering them to you.

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