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Jan 26, 2011
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So we are new to the meat birds. We tried one of our Easter Eggers a few mnths ago and where not impressed to say the least. So, we have been thinking about getting cornish xs. We found an add for jumbo cornish xs ready to process and went and bought 2 to see how we like them. My husband proceesed the roo and a couple of my neoghbors mixed roos and as he was doing that I was thinking. Maybe we should give the hen a reprieve and let her breed with my E.E. roos and see what we get. Now she has been raised free range and on layer and crfacked corn soooo shes not tooo big. Shes meaty for sure but can still run and get around good and shes 3mnths. The rooster will be eaten Sunday but looks really nice compared to the others. What do you guys think?? Will she be fertile? Has anyone done this with this mix?
If her constitution holds up, yes, she can grow to fertility. But she will not breed true to type. Any chicks that hatch from her eggs will be chicks, but could come out to be about anything. The one thing they will not be, for sure, is Cornish crosses.

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