Medicated Chic feed fed to my layers


12 Years
Jan 22, 2008
Canton, GA
My DH filled the laying hens feeders full of medicated chick feed about a week ago. I just noticed when I went to get the bag and it was gone. DER!
So do I need to toss the eggs or are they ok to eat?
Good question. The hens will be fine, the eggs.... hmmmmmm.

Medicated starter is not amp. . It is ampolium at .015 percent.

You can go to this website and get more information about this...

The only warning I see on the tag is "use as the only source of Ampolium".

A google search for ampolium yeilds a few good hits on this product.

It is apparently penicillin based.
ewww....I am allergic to penicillin. I will check out the site. Thanks!!

Any reason to think the 3 day slaughter withdraw would be different for eggs?
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