Medicated Chick feed question

i did read the directions....however i was just curious as to how long others fed their chicks
Our feed store lady told us to feed them up until they start laying, roughly 16 weeks. I really dont have a clue. Time will tell I guess
The whole point of medicated feed is to suppress the growth and reproduction of the Coccidia parasite, which can be found in almost any soil in the world. Young chicks are not born with natural immunity of it, so the medicine in the feed slows down the parasite, which allows the chick to build it's immunity up without being overwhelmed.

With this in mind, I feed my chicks on medicated feed all throughout thier brooding, and for at least a week after they go outside. Afterwards you can just switch over to regular pullet developer up until they lay, then switch to laying feed.

I hope that helps clarify things for you, it's a method that works really well for myself, but there is no set rule and many people have good results from different methods too.
Most say point of lay--and it's personal preference--b/c some do'nt even feed medicated chick starter--but I know on my bag of Chick Starter I think it says 16-18 weeks....

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