MEDICATED Feed for 18-week old chickens??


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My ten chickens (supposed to be hens) are now 18 weeks old. This morning one of the sex-links squatted for me. I read on this forum that squatting is a sign that eggs will be coming soon. I have been feeding them medicated feed (amprolium) since they were hatched and still have 3/4 of a 50# bag. Should I stop feeding the medicated feed immediately? Their nesting boxes are ready with bedding and fake wooden eggs. Besides the important question about switching feed, what else should I be doing to get ready for the big event?


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If it was me I would immediately switch to a laying mash or possibly just add oyster shell to their diet but hopefully a more knowledgeably person than I will respond. Exciting time!


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I had read that if you feed medicated, it will be in your eggs...then I started searching, I was freaked out, I didn't want to eat that stuff!
I read my feed bag, NON medicated, so I was thrilled...I did find out it won't bother humans, but I still didn't want it in my eggs.

You can find some unmedicated....OR switch them to layer feed now...mixing your starter with it so get them used to won't need oyster shell when
feeding Layer feed, it has enough calcium in it already.

It could be a week or two before you get any this gives you time to transition the food over.

If someone else knows more, I am sure they will pipe in...

I added curtains to the front of my nesting boxes...more privacy, I was finding secret nests around my property...also the girls are on lock down, have been for 2 days, and all eggs are now in the boxes


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You actually hit a controversial subject because different experts will tell you different things. Some, Purina for example, say there is no withdrawal period for eating the eggs once you stop feeding the medicated feed with Amprolium. Some people say there is a 4 week withdrawal period. I'm not a medical professional but I kinda think there 4 week experts are maybe talking about the dosage in the Amprolium for treating Cocci, not the dosage in the Medicated feed which helps prevent Cocci. There is a big difference. But it does not often pay to assume.

Looking at certain Government websites does not give me a warm and fuzzy feeling either. Most of them say there is no proof the Amprolium causes problems, but a few add that there is also no proof that it does not cause a problem either. That means they don't know, that they have not run enough tests to reach a conclusion. But because nobody has established a link, go ahead and don't worry about it. Stay tuned for further notice.

I like what a bird vet said. He did not think there was a lot of risk because the Amrpolium does not pass through the walls of the birds intestines that easily, but with all the different information available, a one week withdrawal was reasonable.

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