Medicated feed?


Jan 21, 2018
Olympia Washington
I purchased 5 chicks from a local store and the said they were vaccinated when I asked, but didnt specify for what. I asked what they recommended for feed and they sold me a bag of Purina Start and Grow Medicated. If they are already vaccinated for Cocsidosis, would it hurt to keep them on this feed? How long do they stay on medicated? I would like to have them on a solid non medicated, but if its better to stay on a medicated.... Thoughts?
You need to call & ask the store what they were vaccinated for, probably Mareks not Coccidiosis. I'm not certain of best to call & check. You can put them on non medicated, some prefer it to medicated, I myself buy a small bag of medicated to start them off.
That's what it was. Maerks. Not sure about cocsidosis. I'll call on that. I have a 50 pound bag of medicated. How long do they need to be on it if they weren't vaccinated for cocsidosis? They have been on it a week so far.
They weren't vaccinated for coccidiosis, that's why the bag of medicated chick starter was sold to you. It contains "amprolium" to prevent Coccidiosis in chicks. You can feed CS until the bag's done. Then I'd switch them to Flock Raiser or All Flock. The feed store will say to switch pullets to Layer at 18wks.

I've learned (BYC Members) that layer should not be fed to chicks & Roos, the extra calcium in it can cause kidney damage. So to avoid having different stages of feed (chick starter, layer, feed for the Roos) when having a "flock" of different agets, there's Flock Raiser, All Flock, Multi Purpose. When the pullets get ready to lay, just add a container of Oyster Shells that they will pick as their bodies tell them they need.

Others may have different routines but this is mine.

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