Medicated vs Non Medicated for multiple age flock, need response asap

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    I have several different ages in my flock. I just got my first egg Sunday. I've not had anymore since then. But I also have 9 chicks that were just hatched on June 13. I've been feeding medicated starter grower from the beginning.

    I was just advised that I should stop the medicated feed. But how do I do that when I still have babies? Is it ok to just stop them so soon?

    I've been feeding Country Road brand, from Rural King. They do not have a non medicated starter grower in the Country Road brand. I seem to recall someone saying I could feed an all flock? Would that be ok for all age stages of my flock?? Here is a link to what I'm looking at, possibly...

    Thank you...
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    I just saw that it says only for birds 7 weeks or older... so my babies aren't old enough yet. I don't know what I'm going to get. :/
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    I will assume that you have them all together in one coop and you still have a supply of medicated starter. You could make a creep that only the youngest and smallest can get into and put the medicated in there. And raise the feeders for the rest so it is more difficult for the chicks to use. The feed you are looking at is a little light on the protein and that may be why they recommend not giving it to chicks as a lower protein will slow growth. If you chose to use it you could supplement with a high protein food treat to make up for it. I would also look for other sources for feed. Other vendors near you may have what you want, but maybe a different brand.. It always is a good idea to know of other sources of supply.
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    Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately I had already left to go get feed before anyone responded so I was on my own.

    I do apologize, I didn't say anything about my set up and I wasn't even thinking about the youngest ones that are in the brooder being able to be fed different feed. Kind of a duh moment for me. :/

    I bought one bag of the medicated starter grower for the ones in the brooder. I also bought a bag of meat bird crumbles, Country Road brand, 21% protein. That will go out to the coop. My youngest ones out there are 8 1/2 weeks. I hope it's not too soon to take them off the medicated. I also bought a 50 lb bag of oyster shell.

    I did have a question regarding the coccidiosis. Will taking them off the medicated make them more prone to it? Or should their immune systems be prepared for it?

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    All chickens have icocci, it's everywhere, unless they have too much of it, it's not a problem.
    Unless you have them in really really nasty living conditions they build up their own resistance to cocci by being eposed to it.
    If their living conditions are really really nasty, say a large amount of chicks in a small dirty area where they are constantly picking each others poop and cocci overwhelms the chicks system, med feed reduces cocci in the chick's gut to a "safe" level.
    Med feed is not an antibiotic like you're probably thinking. It's a vitamin uptake limiter and if your chicks aren't sick, you're jacking around with their system by using it.
    Not sure if that answers your ? or not.

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