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May 21, 2009
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Well I used to feed my 5 week old pullets Dumor %20 starter/grower. Its unmedicated. Well I ran out and had my mom run to the feed store beacuse TSC was out. They told her that I Have to feed my chicks medicated feed untill there 17 weeks old. I always Had them on unmedicated and there doing fine. So do I really have to have them on medicated feed? There 5 weeks old. The feed is 2 bucks cheeper than my regualr feed, but I dont know if I want all these chemicals going into my birds. Im going to be eating there eggs later on.

Please help!

The medication is for cacus(sp). If you worry about that then you should feed medicated until they build up their own resistance to the disease. I'm feeding mine medicated until they switch to layer feed. That way i don't get the meds in my eggs and they have been protected for safety.
anyone else?
I struggled with that decision also. If your chicks were vaccinated for cocci you must not use medicated or you will destroy the vaccine.
If you haven't had them vaccinated I would use the medicated. It should increase your odds of succeeding.
My chicks were vaccinated but I ended up switching to medicated feed because they kept dying. Next time I won't have them vaccinated for cocci.

Good luck
I felt the same way until my chicks got sick. I have gradually switched over to medicated feed. I also gave them vitamins while they were sick which I didn't think they needed either. I wanted organic as I coule possiblity get. If you start losing chicks you'll have wished you would have used the medicated feed. Just a few thoughts.
I get my feed made at the co-op its non med, I've not used med feed in over 3 years, plus before i did use med feed and still had cocci show up. med feed is not a guarantee the you will not get cocci

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