meds to have in chicken first aid kit!


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Aug 19, 2009
i think it could be helpful if people would say what chicken medication they keep on hand in case of emergency, i would like to build up a chicken first aid supply kit (meds, wormers etc) so i can be prepared, most of the meds i have seen are inexpensive and have a long expiry date (just got sodium sulfamethazine for cocci and it has a 4 year shelf life).

so far i just have:

sodium sulfamethazine for cocci
mite powder

would love ideas on wormers and other meds that are good to have on hand


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Jul 28, 2009
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I've seen different things posted...but it would be great to have one list, so I'll keep my eye on this post...

I know there was something that helped stop bleeding that I'd like to find out about, and I've heard of Ivermectin (spot treatment wormer for various worms) and Wazine (water wormer...roundworms?). I'm gonna go see if I can dig this info up in a past posting somewhere...

Okay...found some links!!! Wow...LOTS of stuff to have on hand..
Chicken first-aid kit
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