Meet Cookie, the Tiny Orphan Guinea Fowl.


5 Years
Aug 5, 2014
SW Texas
On Friday I went back to the man I got my Guinea keets from to pick up a six week old BO pullet to keep Peepers, my “special needs” Guinea Fowl, company when I put him in a cage outside. While there the man told his son to go and get “the chick”. “The Chick” turned out be a keet that had hatched while he was cleaning out the brooder and would have gotten thrown out if he hadn’t noticed Cookie pipping. I bought it along with two pullets, the six week old BO and a Black Sex Link.
Its name is Cookie due to the fact that I brought it home in a Girl Scout Cookie shipping box.

Here Cookie is the day I got it.

I couldn't leave Cookie by itself so I got some week old EE pullets from a guy I'd gotten three BOs from last year. Their names are: (silver one) Puffin, (light brown) Quiche, and (dark brown) Walnut.

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