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    Early this summer, I lost a very good roo, Rusty, to a hawk. I decided to not get another roo after that. Until recently, I really didn't need one, as I wasn't going to hatch any eggs. Well I changed my mind about hatching out some chicks, plus I kind of missed having a roo looking out for my girls. So awhile back I posted a thread asking fellow BYC'ers for suggestions on a good "all around roo". Although I got some really good suggestions, I realized that the characteristics I was looking for in a roo, would be a Silkie mix, like my Rusty was. I was very lucky that another BYC'er happened to have a Silkie mix roo in need of a home. So here he is: I would like you all to meet Ike. He is 1/2 Blue Silkie, 1/2 Americana bantam and is about 7 months old. I've had him for about 3 weeks, but today was his first day out with the ladies.

    me and my new guy:

    Isn't he georgous!!!??? Unfortunately, the girls aren't falling for his charm as of yet. When he first came out into the yard, he tried his "hello ladies" dance with the first hen he came across, but Pearl, my White Rock wasn't too impressed. She attacked him and I think that took away his gumbo. I didn't see him try any moves on any of the other girls. I worked out in the yard today with the chickens, so that I could supervise. He kind of just kept his distance from everyone. However, I noticed he was always within about 10 feet of me. I've had an aggressive roo before, so I'm a little leary around roos I'm not sure of, but not once did he try anything bad with me. I haven't handled him much since I got him. Just doing the basics, food, water, cleaning, and of course talking to him. [​IMG] I'm afraid of making him into a naughty roo by babying him. The person I got him from said that they did not handle him alot either. What's weird though, is that as it was getting dark, I noticed he wouldn't leave my side. I wasn't quite sure what he was doing, and I was afraid he was starting to get aggressive. He jumped up at my leg, but not aggressively. I just stood there to see what he was doing. I knelt down and he jumped onto my lap, then to my shoulder! I couldn't believe it! It took me three times to keep him off of me. He kept trying to get up on my shoulder, like he was a parrot or something. I'm not sure if he is just feeling insecure in this new environment or what, but its like I'm his mama. I will stress that he has NOT done any of the typical signs of aggression like the circling dance, or when they hold their wing down or even standing upright and tall towards me. Anyone have any ideas about that? The last thing I want is for him to think I'm "his". I'm not used to a roo that is friendly like this. I've either had a human aggressive roo, or a roo that avoids humans.
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    This guy is beautiful and looks really sweet. He might be looking for guidance from you, being he's in a new place and just got shot down by a potential GF. Haven't gone through this myself so don't have experience here - just guessing...he seems like a sweet boy, though.
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    No advice but I bet he just needs some time to adjust. He is one beautiful boy! Congrats! [​IMG]
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    That's awesome!! I'm glad he's working out so well, and the pics are great!! [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I don't have any pics of his mama, but this is his daddy:

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    Poor little guy! Don't worry he'll get his gumbo back. If the gals are so aggressive toward him you can put him in a plastic dog carrier and place him near the gals so they can discuss things. As they seem more at ease with him you can let him out and watch them discuss his position among the flock. Eventually things will work out. I like his fuzzy face!
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    Wow, Cloverleaf Farm, his daddy is handsome!

    My run is divided down the middle, with an enclosed entrance to each coop on either end. To try and get the girls used to him, I had him in one coop, with limited time to the first half of the run, and my girls got the other coop, with access to the other half of the run, and they get to freerange as well. When freeranging, they can see him on 3 sides of the run. I really thought they would of been a little more acclimated to him by now. He tried going in their coop last night to roost, but they kicked him out. [​IMG] I decided to let him roost back in the coop he had been staying in, since that's where I found him when I went to lock up anyway. I closed the gate that separates the run again, so that he wasn't in an enclosed run with 13 girls trying to put him in his place, when he woke up this am. I'll try letting him freerange with the girls again today, then let him have the option of going into what ever coop he chooses. I just thought that it was funny he was clinging to me. Before I let him out to be with the girls, he wanted nothing to do with me. [​IMG]
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    "Mama, the other kids are picking on me! You still love me, don't you?"
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    I've always been rather fond of Silkie mixes! [​IMG]

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    He was wanting to go to roost on you! It was getting close to dark, time to find a high were it!
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    So Handsome!

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