Meet our girls! From Down Under


8 Years
Jan 2, 2012
(I'm not allowed to post photos yet, I will do so as soon as I can.)

As of last week we are the proud new owners of two charismatic, 18-week-old girls who have turned our lives upside down (in a good way!).

We have one Isa Brown and one black Australorp.

I have never owned chickens before but they have stolen my heart.

They follow me around the yard, inspect anything that I'm doing (like drilling or raking) with extreme curiosity, and if I disappear into the house for any length of time they will crowd together at the back door and cluck as if to say, "come on out please! we miss you!".

We've had to install a gate at our back door because they insist on coming into the house, and will attempt to sneak in at any given opportunity.

No eggs yet, they will hopefully start laying in 3-4 weeks.

Brown is much tamer than Black and my kids have been able to pat her a few times.

They are free roaming for the whole day and locked up in their coop at night. We don't have foxes but lots of local cats who roam the neighbourhood at night. We were assured that suburban moggies were too well-fed to bother with a chook, but yesterday I spied a big white cat in my yard in "stalking" position, my poor girls were very distressed, even after I shooed it out! Black was clucking very loudly and both were on edge for quite a while afterwards.

Oh and they leave nice little presents for me all over my back patio!!!

We live in Sydney, Australia. Nice to be here.

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