Meet our new addition to the family - Ned the goat

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  1. DH and I got a goat from my cousin over a week ago. She bought his mom from Quail_Antwerp on here and Ned was born about two months ago. She (my cousin) was going to take him (Ned) to the sale barn, so we offered to buy him from her.

    He's a sweet little guy and he was a big hit with the kids when they came over for Easter! This is the first time I've ever had a goat. So far, he's been a lot of fun to have around! He's also doing a good job helping me clean up the brush around the property! [​IMG]

    Here's Ned:

    This is Ned happily eating in the snow we had last week:

    This is Ned's mom:
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  2. Welcome Ned~~I want to get two for cleaning up a small area in my pasture . . . then I could get a couple three more!! [​IMG]
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  4. He was cracking me up tonight - I swear he thinks he is a dog! He follows me around and wants to play.

    Of course since my hair is about the color of hay, he is always trying to eat it!
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    awwwwww! He is soooooo cute! Congrats to you!! [​IMG]

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