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  1. Spunky is an Ideal Poultry "Americauna". She is currently 5 weeks old. When she was younger, she reminded us of a pigeon. Her head was a solid dark brown making her eyes stand out. Now, she looks like a fiery red-head. She's still a spunky little chick, ergo the name.

    How did she get the name? Well, we were feeding the chicks some treats at 2 weeks old, and her treat got taken away from her. She stood there and peeped loudly as the rest of them ran around chasing the chick that stole her worm. Finally, the chick ran up to her and stopped. She promptly took the worm from the other chick, ran around for a few seconds, then swallowed the worm. We dubbed her Spunky from that moment on.


    Another thing that strikes me about Spunky is the intelligent look she always has in her eyes. She never misses anything, and seems to be constantly contemplating what is going on around her. In the week since this picture was taken, her head feathers have come out really nicely.

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    Pretty colors!
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    She looks like a hawk!
  4. Yeah, she looks like a hawk NOW. I wish I had taken pictures of her when she was younger. She looked just like a pigeon.
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