Melanistic mutant pheasants???

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    ok so my husband brought home what is suppost to be a pair no pics as of yet ill have to get some they are very "dont come near me" and so hide from the camera...
    what i would like to know though might not need pics so here goes
    they were kept in a too small cage with more pairs, and have lost almost all their feathers.. is there any thing i can do or them to help them grow them back?? and how long will it probly take to grow them back??
    they are both still brown and ugly the male seems to be getting a few green spots (hard to tell seeing as how he has so few feathers) at what ages will they "fill out" and be pretty??
    another question is just how big will these things get?? ive googled my butt off trying to find this info and come up with nothing at all. i get pics galore but no info on these things..

    if yalld like to see pics of them i can go see what i can do but i cant promise anything i tryed for over an hour to get some but got nothing but fuzzy blurs.
    any pics of what they should look like at differnt ages would be helpful if you have any..
    thanks yall

    ok i went out and took about 100 pics these are the best.


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    I see at least one male. Not sure on the other one
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    If you look up information on regular Ring Neck pheasants, you can apply it to your Mutant Melanistic ones as well. They are the same thing, just a different color.
    A Ring Neck will be in full adult plumage around 20 weeks. Give or take. Same goes with Melans.
    So yeah, just research Ring Necks and you should find some answers on size and such.
    Hope this helps. Good luck!

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