Memorial day weekend delay on shipped eggs what would you do


7 Years
Apr 3, 2012
Hi. I purchased some eggs from eBay from a reputable dealer last week. However I was surprised that they were shipped out on memorial day weekend. Meaning that my eggs were collected on Monday and Tuesday of the week before and I did not receive them until Tuesday the day after Memorial Day. I paid for them on Wednesday expecting that they would not be shipped until after the weekend. And would of course be collected fresh over the weekend. That doesn't seem to be the case. I am concerned because number one this is my first hatch and I need everything going for me. But honestly I am surprised that a reputable dealer would send me eggs that would not hit incubator until they were eight days old what should I do? Lese I said this is a reputable dealer for the breeze I am looking for and I don't want to burn bridges and complain. However I think that it's not good business practice to send old eggs. Or. Is it really not a big deal. Am I making too much of this situation? Should I send an email. Or should I just let it go.
i had my first eggs shipped on Memoria Day weekend too. From a shipper on Ebay. I hoep everything works out. I'm a wreck, lol. I have no idea what I'm doing.
I didn't even get mine until Friday. I haven't seen any veining or anything yet. But it might be just that I don't know what I am doing.
Its good to try to get the freashest eggs possible and its your right as the consumer to only buy stuff that lives up to your standerds . That being said though maybe they didnt remmber it was MD weekend? I know I didnt know untell someone told me I dont track holidays except Halloween Easter and Christmas everything else I usually end up being surprised by or not even noticeing. Hopefully you will have a good hatch 50% for shipped eggs that probly sat in the post office and where 8 days old isnt bad. Most people on here say 7-10 days even though you can get them to hatch older the success rate goes down. I think most people at least on our buy sale trade and swaps try to send the freashest eggs .
Sorry to ramble. Keep us updated on your hatch.
thanks! the person I purchased from is a on the breeders directory with the breed, and has a great rep, so I just sent an email, assuming that she didn't know/realize that it was a holiday weekend.

I def have 4 non fertile eggs, paid for 10, sent 12 total. so I let her know that as well.

I will definitely keep you guys posted :)

to the person with no veining, I didn't see any until day 4.

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