Memorial Day

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by yotetrapper, May 31, 2010.

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    I can't not believe it is 5:30 and no one has made a post about Memorial Day yet. It's not just a day for BBQs and flea markets, so please, take a moment to remember those that died so we all can have our all american BBQs. From the Revolutionary war, to the Civil War, from the World wars to Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan and Iraq, young men, and now women, are dying so we might be free. Please all take a moment to remember that.
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    Thank you, yote. I am the wife of a retired Air Force Msgt. He was in Civil Air Patrol as a kid, then National Guard for five years before going active duty six months after we married. His father was in the AF, his brother was a Marine, my biological father was a Marine and was executed by Castro's firing squads at 25 years old, my adoptive father was in the Navy and my adoptive mother was a Marine. My cousin was MIA in Korea and was never found. Remember....
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    I for one, have not had a BBQ today, but instead spent the day cleaning and listening to public radio and interviews with vets and soldiers talk about their experiences. I don't consider the day a BBQ beach day as some do. One Iraq Vet put it perfectly: When asked if he'd like to spend this day at the beach, relaxing, he said "No thanks, I've seen enough sand."

    I am not in the military and am probably one of few people who don't have any family members in the military. I am anti-war, but pro-soldier, if that makes sense. The way I feel about our soldiers is simple, and I will be blunt and honest: I would never have the courage to defend our countries' freedom in war. I wouldn't; I admit it. So thank God there are people out there who ARE willing to defend MY freedom. I am very grateful that someone is willing to do it, because I know I wouldn't.

    To those of you who defend my peace: Thank You! [​IMG]
  5. Yote you are so correct, today should be a day for remembering...when I was young, my family called it Decoration Day and we went and decorated the graveyards and sometimes would have a picnic there.....but it was always a time for remembering sacrifice, patriotism, heroism and those we had loved and lost...hats off to you yote, for helping us to remember.
  6. Just goes to show you how many people take their freedom and lifestyle for granted and what that cost is.

    My stepson is in Afganistan with the 82nd airborne as I type and we miss him and hope for a speedy homecoming.

    I have had family members give the utmost in Vietnam, Korea, WW2, WW1 and the Civil war. Myself I am proud to wear the "to dumb to duck" medal.... 3 times ( that does make me dumb I guess) [​IMG]

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    I have spent my day building an 18' flag pole so that I may fly Old Glory and honor all of those who serve -past and present and let every one know how proud I am to be an American.
    I was quite crest fallen last night when I realized that I didnt have a proper place to put a flag today( we moved ) and would not let it go.

    So I did not forget it has been on my mind all day but thank you, for remembering also.
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    there was another thread about memorial day.. i put a video of the story and homecoming of my brother's best friend who was KIA two weeks or so ago.. my brother was able to come back from afghanistan to escort his best friend's body. i guess no one watched it so idk.. kinda irriates me. i also have a tribute status on my facebook for my brother's best friend.

    i did not BBQ today, i did not drink today, i did not party at all today. this memorial day is very sad for my family and myself. instead of partying, we went to the cemetary to say hello to my late grandmother.

    Happy Memorial day everyone! Thank you to all of you who are serving, have served, or have family serving.
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    The National Moment of Remembrance, I learned yesterday, is part of Memorial Day; at 3pm, pause to remember and respect our veterans, those still serving, and the brave ones who paid the ultimate price so the rest of us could live freely.

    I am so grateful for our Armed Forces, men and women who are willing to give all to defend our country. It is humbling.
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    Quote:Where's that thread? I'd like to watch it.

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