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Jul 11, 2011
HELLO! this is an RP group that i started on Facebook,but i deleted my fb so..i thought to bring it on here!! it's pretty cool actually
the environment is a large castle with tons,and tons of non-polluted,beautiful lands and seas,where every shapeshifter,angel,demon,faerie,every species is welcome here.
SOOOO the info i need for the characters and you can have a max of 5 as long as you can keep track of them and you start an RP with two or more people on your own,there is no set roleplay you have to go by.ALSO NEED TO KNOW!! -please use proper grammar and DETAIL IN YOUR CHARA'S!!- detail helps the others talk to your chara easier and also,it makes him/her much more interesting. thank you Ec for reminding me of the proper grammar. also,some things are prohibited such as:killing off others chara's without their permission,sexual things (to an extent) if i PM you or talk in your post,thats too far.some..flirting IS ALLOWED but nothing more than that,after all,this is a child-friendly site and i dont want any of us to get into trouble my the Mods.another thing,double posting,very annoying,confuses people,and is not needed.sexuality..can be added to your chara's if you'd like,not required.and,if anyone has anything else they'd like me to add to this,PM me thank you
so,the chara (character) info i need from you:

Eye colour:
Anything Else:

Pretty easy,and have fun!! and please dont kill off anothers chara without their permission.i do have to approve of the chara before you start roleplaying,so send your character info to me via PM please
then after i approve,go to this thread,and start one
if you start a roleplay,and nobody answers the post,wait three days until asking for it to be deleted.
Thank you,and above all,HAVE FUN!! and please,PLEASE send me your chara info via PM before you start making a roleplay.

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Hey, I sent you a PM for the RP.

Now, this is where I get nitpicky: Having good grammar will attract more people, because they won't be confused.
yes yes!! another thing i must add to the description. PROPER GRAMMAR! or at least,proper enough for others to understand. and DETAIL! please add detail to your chara's. detail and grammar are extra things i require,Ec just reminded me of the grammar,thank you Ec
I'd also suggest a few more set rules. People may not know what certain things are prohibited.
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My two Chara's that are open for roleplay with at least one person:

Name:phoenix Cruz

Eye colour:Black or Bright blue

Hair:long and red

Species:fallen angel/shifter


Age:16 (human)

Personality:shy,submissive yet very fierce when it comes to protecting kin,rather flirtatious,but reclusive to a point,loves being in the woods and prefers to be alone

Likes/Dislikes:likes hunting,listening to music,singing,drawing,running and flying dislikes being alone,most people,being mad
(optional)Past:she will tell in due time

Normal Form
Wolf form:

Anything Else:Can sing in elvish,use the wind and flame to her advantage,usually isnt mad but is easily angered and doesnt like to fight but if it needed,then she will fight no matter what until death.

Next chara:

Name: Leon Cruz (older kin to Phoenix)

Eye colour:Blue or brown

Hair:blue and short

Species:fallen angel/demon



Personality:very quiet and gentlemanly,usually sticks close to his sister but in major trouble where he is needed,he leaves her only when he knows she is safe and able to fight,rather flirtaious himself,but only when he gets to know the person,hates getting mad,but likes fighting in a way.

Likes/Dislikes:likes to hunt,listen to music,practice with his blade,wrestle with his sister,flying

(optional)Past:he usually doesnt tell


Anything Else:he can manipulate water and use it to help him in battle,or just to play with
I don't think this is a great idea (no offense!) A bunch of different RPs on one thread are going to be VERY confusing.
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That is why,my friend,you post up in bold letters the RP and whose in it,or we stick to just everyone does one huge RP. either or,i didn't think anyone would really like this,i just got bored last night

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