Mentally handicapped chicken?


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I have a hen that acts really weird and kind of obnoxious. She rarely has feathers and is pretty small. She will grab food and run all over crazy when no one is even looking at her. She's pretty annoying but I feel so sorry for her. I added five hens to my flock and she tries to hang out with them and fit in. I don't want to kill her, just don't know what if anything I can do. It's like the kid on the playground that no one will play with. Plus, she looks just terrible-her neck is bare and she just has the beginning of feathers growing. I don't see anyone picking at her though. Thanks.
If she is missing feathers all of the time, she may be getting picked at 9even if you don't see it). I would try separating her and putting her with maybe one other quiet hen. She is most like low hen on the totem pole. Once the feathers grow back try putting her and her companion back in the flock.
That is good advice. When one of my birds gets something yummy, they will make weird noises and run, then everyone follows them and they run. It seems metally deranged to us, but when they have babies they will do that only stopping to make sure the know food is available.
Good luck, but yes, I'd place her with a kind, quiet hen for a while until she can grow feathers back or skin is healed. How about some added protein, beans, yogurt, cottage cheese, meat, what ever with some fruit peels and veggies for them, it may help with some of the feather picking. Especially if you are not seeing feathers around they may be eating them, a sign of needed protein. (just a suggestion)

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