Messy oyster shell/grit


Apr 15, 2019
Looking for ideas on how to keep oyster shells and grit in the girls run. They step in the containers, fill them with dirt when scraping in the run and poop in them when they slid them around. What do you use to keep them off the ground and creating a mess? Not totally bad now but when winter hits in Michigan I plan on putting either straw or wood chips/shavings on the ground of their run.
Just use hanging/raised feeders, at around chest level. If you have a run, you can hang them from the ceiling. Otherwise, you can prop them onto a few bricks. Much less mess that way! :)

I find hanging the feeders at chest level does not work for the birds that have not mastered the art of hovering...

I would hang them at my ankle height.

I do not worry about the shells that drop as they scratch and eat them like grit from the ground anyways.
I use something similar to this (found at TSC with the rabbit supplies):
Rabbit feeder.jpg

And hang on the side of their run, close by their food.

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