Metallic flakes in my well water?

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  1. We have suddenly noticed that we have a decent amount of gold metallic flecks and flakes in our well water from every faucet... They settle on the bottom of containers and I have used a coffee maker to filter them out.
    I am nervous about my kids drinking the water and internet searches haven't brought up anything promising. For now we're drinking bottled stuff...

    There is no dirt looking stuff or anything else, just the tiny gold flecks. We have no clue how old the pipes are in this house (it's 281 years old, who knows?), is it the pipes sloughing off metal into the water or is it something in the water itself?

    I know I need to get someone out to check it out, but figured I would see if anyone else has ever experienced this as well.

    Thanks in advance.
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    do you not have a filter that pre-filters your well water to remove any dirt and sediment from your well prior to it coming into your house? You can install one for less than $30.00. We have one set up that filters right from our cold water line and hot water lines (it catches them both thru a "T") and we change the filter once a month.

    With Well water you have debris and all types of things in the water, so its best to use a prefilter - then something like a Brita filter at the tap before drinking to remove any minerals and/or sediment. Sometimes the well pump is set too low or if you get alot of rain, it stirs up the well sediment and makes for muddy water as it pulls off the bottom.

    If you have cast iron pipes - thats definately not good. I'd DEFINATELY change them out if possible to PVC - if thats not possible - then FILTER FILTER FILTER that water at all costs. You can also have your water tested, but.. know this. If you do have cast iron pipes and you have kids - the health dept can condem your house and make you change those pipes out if your water doesnt test clean. I've seen it done so many times... lead and metal poisonings are such a huge thing. Check with your local laws....but definately get a water test kit and a whole house filter.

    ETA: its a good idea with any home to have your water tested - regardless of what pipes are in. Your local water dept will take the sample and measure whats in it (this should be done with every house purchase though) - and is mandatory with houses that are on a well here in Virginia - if it doesnt pass inspection, you have major problems and the house can be condemned. Farms are especially a major issue with fecal run-off and fertilizer that soaks into ground water / well system (which is why they are tested). I think we paid $100.00 to have our well tested via EPA (in addition to the regular standard test)
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  3. I forgot to mention that the house does have a filter system but I don't have another filter on the tap... (PUR, Brita, etc.)

    We have had alot of rain, snow, melt, and it's actually pouring freezing rain now...

    Oh we know to keep everything about our house quiet with the kids here lol Even though we have had them lead tested and they are perfectly fine, you cannot have a house this old without lead in it and whatnot.
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    could be pyrite.. or it could be the pipes.

    When you purchased your house, in the listing and specs (or even on your county website under your Property Value section) it should have all the upgrades and when they were done, etc. Electrical, plumbing, septic... I know ours does (ours is 148 yrs old) - we didnt have plumbing until 1932 and it was clay lined pipes - and no septic until 2006!! Everything was updated to PVC in 2006 as well (all plumbing) so we're good.

    Definately get a water test done. If you're afraid to have it done by the health dept (thats who does them and/or who the water dept reports to by law) - then I think Lowes has water test kits available, but believe it tests just for basic metals and not fecal matter or chloriforms either.

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