Metzer ducklings!!!


10 Years
Jul 16, 2009
New Mexico
Well the site said they ship on Monday so tomorrow should be the big day!!! I'm excited and nervous. I had somebody split an order with me so I am getting 1 cayuga drake, 1 cayuga duck, and 1 chocolate runner duck (for my husband). We already have new homes for the other two chocolate runners I ordered to make the order minimum. My first ducks EVER!!! I have chickens but come on, nothing beats the cuteness of a duckling! So Excited! I'll post pics if and when they show up tomorrow.
According to their website they do. Hopefully it's still true because that's where I'm going to get my ducks from, and I won't order more than 5.
they do have like a minium order of 2 but you have to pay like out the nose in shipping i got some of my first ducks from there NO losses i would recommend them to anyone i got my buffs from there b/c they are sooo hard to find!!!!
You can order only 2 but they charge a minimum of 30.00. I was sure to at least get my 30 dollars worth when I bought some a few months ago... had intentions of getting rid of a couple but we all know how that goes... they are still here
Yeah they do have a min. of 2 BUT it would have cost me $55-$60 for two. It only ended up costing me about $20.00 for the three I will keep. I'm going to sell the other two runners to my neighbor for what I paid for them so she's getting a good deal too. $5.05 each for the runners. Can't wait!!!! I'm kinda nervous too ?? I don't know why. These will be my first ducks, first ordered and shipped anything and first babies. My chickens were already 16 wks when I got them. Hurry up tomorrow get here already!!!

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