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8 Years
May 14, 2011
Shelton, WA
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My Coop
Has anyone purchased the "All Pullet Rainbow Pack" from Meyer before?? ( = 'APRS')

What breeds did you end up getting and would you recommend it? I want to raise hens that lay all different kinds of colors, but I thought this might be a gamble when it came to getting chickens that were docile and "well mannered" haha.

Input? Suggestions?

Thanks all!!
I just got my all pullet rainbow pack last Wednesday. Not thrilled with it. I think there are 5 different kinds, but it's too early to tell. I ordered the same thing from McMurray, and got 11 different breeds, with some rare ones. This pack looks to be mostly White Leghorns and some buff ones, maybe BO's, with a couple other breeds in there. I also ordered some bantams, 6 have died so far, and 6 BCM's, and 1 of those have died. Overall I am somewhat happy with it, I wanted egg layers, and hopefully they will be some laying machines, but if you want a more colorful flock, go with McMurray.

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