Meyer Hatchery Buckeyes??


8 Years
Jul 9, 2011
North Carolina
Hey, all. I really like Buckeyes but cannot afford an incubator for breeder-stock hatching eggs. I need to find good quality day-old chicks instead of hatching eggs. Does anybody know the quality of Meyer Hatchery's Buckeyes? Meyer is in Ohio and they are a small establishment, so I thought maybe that might help with their stock being better.
And please don't give me the breeders-are-always-better-what-the-heck-are-you-doing-buying-from-a-hatchery lecture: I can't afford incubators for breeder eggs, and I CERTAINLY can't afford grown fowl from a breeder.

Unless someone else can give you some definitive information about buckeyes from Meyer, I would just order a few from Meyer and see what they're like. If they're not the quality you want, you can likely find someone who would be glad to buy them from you.
The LG incubator can be as cheap as $40 ( plus shippingabout another $20) and eggs are how much, say $25 per dozen. If half hatch. that's about $85 for 6 chicks. Or if you make your own, do a test run on cheap eggs first. Learn how to use your incubator. THen invest in the good eggs. Will you buy 25 chicks for $85?

I bought the chicks first and when they grew up, I incubated the eggs.

Love the buckeyes, I'm working on getting eggs and breeding stock and chicks. Whatever it takes.

Don Schrider told me this summer to just start with what I have. HE was instumental in the ALBC effort to rebuild the buckeye. SO I'll pass it on: start with the Meyers, learn the Buckeye SOP and learn to breed well.

Good luck!!
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