Meyer Hatchery......Second chance!

Discussion in 'Chicken Breeders & Hatcheries' started by Stevo77, Apr 4, 2018.

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    Jan 30, 2018
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    Received an order of 6 chicks this morning from Meyer. This is my second shipment from them, the first one didn't go so well, well sorta. First batch was 3 Blue Copper Marans and 12 Cornish X. The Marans looked runty and one was DOA, one could not walk and died later that night and the other was very small but seemed OK. Maybe bad batch, not sure but Meyer customer service was great and repleced my losses. This was only 2 chicks and needed to ship a minimum of 3 so I added 2 Blue Andalusian and 2 Blue Cuckoo Marans. Well, they arrived this morning and all seem to be very active and healthy, all have been eating and drinking, so far so good. So morale of my story, don't let one bad experience keep you from giving a Hatchery a second chance.
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    Way to go!

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