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    Cute little buggers. Adorable. If one gets itself caught in a deep tub or something, I snatch it up and take it outside. If I see 'em outside, I figger, fine, they're growing families on my chicken feed. *sigh*

    Not a smart response, apparently.

    Now I hear more than ONE mouse in the house at a time. Can't fool myself into thinking it's just one, moving from bathroom to kitchen. Or from the kitchen to behind the bookcase by my recliner.

    I cannot actually drown them myself. Just can't do it.

    Smudge gets one, every once in a while,

    but he's mostly a snuggle kitty and not a mouser like my yard cat, Licorice. Now and then, one of the mini-doxies will catch one, but they have a tendency to "dig" things out of their way a little bit too destructively for my tastes.

    So I went on an eBay "hunt" and found something I can handle: a Rat Zapper! Uses four AAA batteries and shocks the mice/rats to death. If something ELSE kills 'em, I can do that. But I can't deal with the snap-traps when I have companions with paws and noses in the house. I can't deal with the squeaking of captured mice stuck to the glue traps, either.

    So I've ordered some RatZappers. Ya look for the red indicator light saying it's been activated, pick it up and dump the carcass straight into the trash. (Or a plastic bag and then into the trash.....) Heck, I might toss the bodies out to the chickens for a bit of a protein boost!
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    time for a barn kitten! [​IMG]


    [​IMG] lol!
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