Michigan, Chick Day's at Destiny Farm, It's time for your Input!!!

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    Oct 20, 2008
    Hi all, Destiny Farm is Getting geared up for Chick Day'S Here at the farm. We were hoping to get some input to what we should be hatching??? We typically carry the best egg layers, ISA's, R.I.'s, Leghorns, W. Rocks. And this year we hope to have more meat birds. But we need to know what others? We get people asking about cochin's and silkies but is that it this year?
    We hatch for you and we figured you all should have some input.
    If you were Hatching or thinking about coming out this year, Let us know??
    Also, what day's this year? End of march still good? We also know that money is tight, is $3.50/chick still fair? We love you all and just want to help. What you all think.
    Email me or give me a call, Com'on Spring,
    Thanks All, Joni www.destinyfarmgardens.com
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    Joni, I've heard nothing but great things about your farm. I was just talking to Miss_Jayne a few days ago about your hatching eggs. I sure wish I were closer to you so I could get some. Anyways, do you currently have any bantam breeds, other than the silkies you mentioned?

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