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May 8, 2015
hello i was wondering wether its possible to have my duck micro chipped , has anyone had there duck chipped or looking into micro chipping their ducks ??
We microchipped ducks back at my zoo. They were placed under the skin on their chests. I don't think it's common practice outside of a zoo setting, though. But it is possible. ;)
Mine are chipped! They're house ducks, so I took every precaution in protecting the lil' buggers. It's totally safe and harmless. Like Orca's, mine have it on their chests instead of on the back like you would with mammals. Parrots are getting microchipped more and more often, and now so are our duckies!
thankyou , i definatley am considering micro chipping as we would be gutted if he went missing weve only had him a week n half but its like hes always been with us and hes so well behaved , i tell him its bedtime n he goes to bed by himself ( better behaved than my kids lol ) , im also going to make a start on digging a pond for him to play in

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