MICRO duck then and now!!!!! pic heavy


10 Years
Feb 12, 2009
Western North Carolina
First pic I posted of Micro duck when I was worried about the way his neck was doing when he ate. Never found out even with a vet visit.
Micro as he grew. Keep in mind he is the same age as the others.

Micro now with one of his sisters.

Micro feathering out as a male.

He is now 5 months old. His sisters feathered out loooong ago. (not really his sisters, just all the same age) He has not finished fully feathering out. I wonder if he will breed with the females. I have other males and they are all sexually mature and breed the females. I hope Micro continues to thrive. I am blessed for every day I have him. Every day while he was growing up I worried that any day could be his last. He has had breathing problems off and on. I thank many BYCer's for suggestions on nutrition etc. He is truly a miracle.
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he's an absolute doll.....
i would guess that if his featherings aren't in he probly isn't ready for mating.. maybe whatever stunted his growth stunted his development too and he's just taking his sweet time....
did he get into your coffee while you weren't looking?? don't they say coffee will stunt your growth? lol

anyway... keep us updated.. maybe through a few seasons you can breed him and get some more small stock.... maybe a small female will come around eventually
It has to be a form of dwarfism or something. Wish we could get the science on this. A few other people had micro-ducks this season.
I KNOW!!! Aren't his feet little? He even stumbles alot too and I blame his "little feetsies". He is such a trooper tho'. The big ducks don't mess with him. He puts his little head down and runs at them with the heart of a lion. He makes me giggle and smile every day.

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