Mid-life identity crises #4

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  1. quetsweyo

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    May 9, 2011
    undefined:/ i think i need to change my username/alter ego. Quetsweyo used to zip around from wilderness to wilderness in beloved kia sportage, running dogs, walking the woods off-trail, fishing, seeing wonders of nature. Now its stuck at home, futzing around on rinky-dink phone-puter, making simple bead jewelry, moccasins, rearing ducks and chicks. Reading. Watching idiotbox. Just not quetsweyo anymore. Wants to eat ice cream instead of deer jerky. Been almost a year since fried up a big channel cat i caught myself. What steps do i have to take to change name, techwise? Thanx ?q?
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    Jan 11, 2007
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    To change your username, you just need to make sure you pick one you will be able to live with. Then check the user list to make sure it is not taken.

    We only allow one user name change per member. Once you are sure, PM a staff member with the request.

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