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I am currently serving in the Middle East and saw these for sale in a local market. My kids would love it if I could bring a few of these home. I have know clue what breed they really are, but it would have been fun to see what they grew into. Since bringing live animals home is out of the question, we will have to settle for hatching some chicks this spring, but I am sure they will not be this colorful.

Any light-colored chick can be dyed like that but I don't think there are any hatcheries selling dyed chicks in the US anymore. It encourages impulse purchase behavior which is often followed by neglect. There are ways to dye chicks so if you want to hatch your own, you can research and make it happen. The dye only lasts as long as the down stage.
I know that they are heavily dyed, and I have no personal inteterest in dyeing chicks. It is not what I expected to see over here though. I figured I would see mostly "game" type breeds, but these actually appeared more like a commercial breed. I could see how this could encourage impluse buying as they were cute. Personally I plan on hatching out some Cornish and BLRW chicks when I get home. I would rather see color as adults than chicks.
i do miss seeing the cute little colored chicks around easter but i wouldnt buy any as i cant see what color their down is and i rather watch them feather out naturally in their own color
i think they still sell them around easter in missouri .. they did last year ... at all the feed stores .. and several pet shops ...

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