Midget white turkeys? any good sources?


11 Years
Oct 22, 2008
Corning IA
Last year I got some Midget Whites form Welps and ended up with white turkeys but not so much on the Midget thing. I got white Hollands, some commercial whites and some nice midget hens but no Toms. I was pretty unhappy.
I would like to get some more Midgets this spring, but don't even know where to start looking. I don't want eggs. I had some issues with my bators last fall and need to figure out what went wrong before I load them up again.
Anyone know a good source of day olds? one that won't indiscriminately replace them for other white turkeys?
There is a man near you that sells eggs only. I can't remember his name but Im sure someone here will post it. In Iowa.. other then welps.. Im pretty screwed I think unless there is someone else in Iowa breeding them?
YES! It was Sands that I was thinking of. They only sell eggs, but.. they do have them and they are in NC... yup yup.. that was them. They are not an option for me, I need chicks, but.. ya.. for the other person looking.. yup yup yup.
SandS has a listing for Midget White eggs on eBAY right now. Sand Hill Preservation Center sells poults. I purchased Beltsville Small White eggs from SandS a couple years ago and had very good hatch rates. They are very healthy birds and I highly recommend SandS for eggs. As far as Sand Hill Preservation Center I have not purchaced from them but plan to do so this year.
I will not do eggs. Eggs are not even an option to consider. If I spend the money for them, I want them live and peeping. To many people have lost allot of money on eggs, I my self hatch out around 2000 a year, not allot compared to some people, but.. enough to know eggs can have problems. So.. I won't do eggs..

I will give Sands a try since they have the poults. Thank you.
If you ever decide to try hatching eggs, I will have midget whites available in March. I raise two separate lines, both of which are true MW, not a mix of other white breeds. They are not hatchery stock.

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