Mild case of frostbite-- not getting any better?

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    Hey everyone.

    First off I apologize if there have been oodles of threads about this-- I did find some of the threads but none of them were directly useful for the problem I'm having. If you know of a thread already created, feel free to link it to me.

    It's my first winter with chickens and about 2 weeks ago it became very cold and my Buff Orpington (who has a HUGE waddle and comb) somehow managed a small case of frostbite (my only chicken to get it... somehow). Not sure how he managed to find enough moisture to do it, but he did it.

    Anyway I've been monitoring him for several weeks now, and while the problem has not spread (and he doesn't seem to be bothered by it), it does seem to be getting worse. This morning it seemed to be a bit more yellow than it was a few days ago, and seems to be kind of--- oozy? I have been using Neosporin for the past week-- it doesn't seem to cause him any pain when I use it, and he is eating well, very well hydrated--- and luckily the temps are back in the 40's for the next couple of weeks. I've also been laying alot of fresh straw down to keep moisture levels controlled. Still, the bite seems to be getting worse.

    I'm panicking a little bit because my veterinarian just went out of business and I live in the middle of nowhere... So I'm feeling a bit hopeless.

    I referenced this website when it started;
    It mentions using a certain antibiotic if infection occurs. However--- I'm not entirely sure if I should trust it because I've seen alot of people say that some of these things are big "DO NOTS".

    I found this image online--- this is about how mild the frostbite is:

    Can anyone help me? Favorite medications? Favorite ways to help the rooster heal? I have decided not to separate him from the flock because he is at the top of the pecking order---
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    I have a rooster who got frostbit around the same time as yours. He has crispy black points and yellowish blisters beneath those. I've been spraying Vetericyn on his comb every few days. During freezes, I've been using Bag Balm on the comb to prevent further freezing.

    He seems to be fine, except he lets out a scream when I touch the comb.

    The Chicken Chick says it can take up to a year to heal so I think we're doing all we can. I doubt we're looking at any infection, but monitor your roo's behavior. If he starts acting lethargic, then you might suspect infection. But I really don't think frost bite gets infected all that often. If it did, roosters would be dying of frostbite right and left. In actuality, it's a very common occurrence during the kind of beastly weather we've been having.

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