Mille Fluer Cochins


12 Years
Apr 30, 2007
Deer Park Washington
I just saw some mille fluer cochins on eggbid, and have seen them before. It seems that everyone crosses to buff or mottled. If you look at the mille fluer pattern, it is basically buff columbian with the spangles. It would be much faster to just cross a mille roo on buff columbian hens to get more, it would take maybe 2 genrations to get more mille fluers instead of 5 or more. I just thought that I would post this for anyone that has or is thinking about getting some mille fluer cochins.
Yes. It's not to hard to find mille fleur cochins anymore, but it is hard to find nice ones. Most of they have TERRIBLE coloring and type, they're a long ways from being perfected, though a couple breeders are getting there, which is exciting
I recently hatched out a few. I'm curiuos to see how they turn out. If anyone already has them post pics of your stock. I hope working together will inprove color and type.

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