Milo and Otis, anyone?

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    It's such an adorable movie -- one of my favorites as a kid. Haven't seen it in several years though, so when we found it at a shop a week or two ago we snatched it up. My younger siblings are watching it right now, and I have suddenly become aware of a grievous mistake that the directors made.

    There is a carefree Leghorn hen named Gloria, who lays an egg, and leaves Milo and Otis to care for it until she comes back from telling all the rest of the hens. Well, we here all know that it takes about 21 days for an egg to hatch. Apparently, the creators of this movie did not, so the egg hatched the exact same day Gloria laid it.

    I know, it's just a cute movie of a cat and a dog... But golly that bugs me something awful! 1 day! And they didn't even incubate it -- not even for an hour! [​IMG]
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    Love that movie. Hm, she must be one of those high production hens. X)

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