Mini Egg!


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Jul 9, 2009
Hiya all!

I went round to check for eggs from my ladies this morning, collected some eggs then looked at the mess they'd made with their feeder and saw a teeny weeny mini egg on the floor! picked it up and its not much bigger than two jelly beans but end to end and double one of their fatness, dont know which of my hens laid it, has anyone else had an unusually small egg? im tempted to crack it open to see if theres actu a yolk in there!

It's called a Wind Egg. They happen once in awhile; nothing to worry 'bout! Cute little things, eh?
Seroiusly!?!?! They can sometimes "wind" and an egg will come out!
That is the funniest thing I've heard all day.
A fart egg! i like! id love to see one of them lay one of them! id be chuckling along with the rest of my hens at what had just popped out! as far as i know all of my girls are laying except my buff orp and my speckeldy that we rescued a few weeks gonna crack it open before i go to bed 2nite, i cant stand the suspense any longer! i gave it to my oh ion an egg cup and he was speachless then laughed his socks off!

learn something new everyday keeping chickens eh! x

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