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    Hello people and animals!
    How to INSTALL eggs in an incubator:

    a) Selection of eggs for bookmarking and pre-storage at
    throughout the set of eggs for a bookmark
    b) Gradual heating of the accumulated bookmark at room
    temperature before being placed in the incubator
    c) Incubation period
    d) The appearance of chicks from the shell and their
    careful movement out of the incubator

    Before laying it is worth making high-quality selection of eggs.

    The larger the egg, the longer it will be incubated

    Attention in no case be put in the incubator
    cold eggs.

    In order for as many chicks to hatch as strong
    and healthy: the surface of the eggs should not have some
    growths, uneven unevenness, chips, cracks. Should not
    there can also be a lot of dirt, however, it is also impossible
    to wash eggs intended for hatching. Try to choose medium sized
    eggs for your incubator. The larger the egg, the more likely
    the death of the embryo. If you lay small eggs, then small birds
    will grow from them, the females of which will later carry eggs
    of small sizes. And do not forget that in herds small individuals
    most often attacked by other birds. To breed new offspring, try
    to wipe eggs from older birds, then the brood will not have
    pathologies in development.

    Chicken good weight 50-53 grams.
    Turkey 70
    Duck 70
    Goose 120
    Quail 10-15

    If you want the chicks to grow as close to natural conditions
    as possible, try to choose between the end of February and the
    beginning of May for laying in the incubator.

    It is highly undesirable to select eggs for laying an incubator
    at home during the summer months.

    Try to bookmark the incubator in the afternoon, at about 6 pm.

    In this case, the first chicks at the end of the term will crawl
    out from the shell in the morning, and the rest - throughout
    the day.

    It is impossible: drafts, temperature jumps of 2-3 degrees.
    Eggs to be laid in incubation equipment, they are stored in a
    slightly cool place for no more than 10 days at a relative
    humidity of the surrounding air not exceeding 70-80%.

    However, novice poultry farmers make a fatal mistake when they
    put eggs into the machine, without first preparing them
    gradually for elevated temperature conditions
    in the incubator.

    Eggs, getting into a warm environment, are covered with
    condensate - this moisture clogs the microscopic pores in the
    egg shell, as a result, oxygen does not enter the shell, and
    the embryo is killed by suffocation.

    Before laying eggs, they should be kept for eight to ten hours
    in a well-ventilated room at a stable room temperature,
    avoiding drafts.

    Medium-sized and small eggs (for example, like quails or
    chickens, turkeys) are laid exclusively in an upright


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