Mini pig rescue, please VOTE!!


Emu whisperer
Jan 2, 2017
Lake Pleasant, NY
Hello, I’m asking if you have Facebook and would be willing, click the link and it will take you to a photo of our rescue pig, Callie. We have entered her in a contest to be featured in a calendar that is being put out by My Pig Filled Life, a non profit pig rescue. If you like her photo, it counts as vote to get her placed in their calendar. So many people buy teacup pigs thinking they will stay 10 pounds and then they grow into huge pigs. That’s what happened with Callie and she’s so pretty we think she deserves for the world to see how great she is. Voting goes til August 31st 2019. Votes must be made on the actual page and not on shared pages, so please use the link if you decide to spread the word and help get votes. Thanks!!;u~;wHoMbO5.bps.a.2415989995110903&source=49
If I had a FB account, I'd vote for Callie. She's cute! Best of luck getting her in the calendar and to the non-profit!

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