Miniature chicken eggs?


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Apr 4, 2009
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In the past week, we've gone out to gather eggs, and we've twice found a tiny miniature egg in the laying boxes along with the other eggs. These are tiny brown slightly speckled eggs. Have you guys ever experienced other birds laying in the boxes? Or have you ever experienced normal chickens laying mini eggs? We used to have other birds all over our yard, but since the chickens came, they seem to have been scared away a bit. What do you guys think?



The darker one on top is the newer one from today.
Just a normal fairy (fart) egg. Your chooks will lay one every now and then.
I've NEVER got one, but I'm looking forward to it. Sort of. If you all re-name them. I just can't even say the name.
I keep all my "wind" eggs in a little bowl and save them forever.
Actually a funny story about the fart egg is that I was talking about one on BYC on day and this lady actually jumped me about saying fart on the internet. That is what we need to worry about on the internet.
Just had to share my silly story.
Oh, yes! I agree! YOUTERRIBLE PERSON!!! Shame shame shame

I've never had one yet either, but if I do , I will save them all, too! Now, to find the right wee bowl in which to put them.......
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