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hi all,

so glad i noticed this forum on back yard chickens!

okay, just got 2 nigerian dwarf goats, does. they may or may not be pregnant. fingers crossed that one of them is because i don't know how to even begin to try to get them bred.

what is the best feed if i want to be as natural as possible? should i do a comb of alfalfa and orchard? what is orchard hay?

also, will they run away? i purchased electric netting for them, but it's a small area that it contains plus it's hard to get it into areas where they have trees/weeds for browsing. we have 3 acres and are not by a main road. will they stay on the property or would they just run?

if i do do the electric netting fence, how do i introduce it to them?

right now they are on a tether that i move around and in the barn at night. is that just awful to do? i thought i might continue to tether them for some time during the day so i can get them to areas for weeds if i do the electric fence.

Do you have a barn or somewhere you can keep them for a few days until they get used to their new environment? I have goats and kept them in the barn for a week. Now they don't have any kind of a pen and we are close to a road. They never wander. They are just like little puppy dogs. Just love them. Louanne
As far as the fence goes let them get bit a couple times. They will learn fast. I use hot wire with mine. When we first got the goats it took 2 days for them to understand that you do not plow into the fence.

I would if you could fence them off in an area that you know is safe and does not have any toxic plants give them a shelter to get out of the elements.

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