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    May 18, 2007
    Ok - our coop is done, and our ladies are here!
    These are our "ladies". We have a Barred Plymouth Rock, a Buff Orpington, a Silver-Laced Wyandotte, and an Ameracauna.
    This is our henhouse. It wasn't quite finished in this picture. It sits in the garage, and has an old kitchen cabinet mounted on each side for a nesting box. They've been roosting in there at night instead of on the roost, which I hope they quit doing before they start laying. The whole bottom of the henhouse is accessible, making it very easy to clean. It is pretty funny to sit in the garage and hear the hens clucking as our twin boys play on their train table. We did that this evening, and every few minutes, both boys would run over and look at the the hens and say "Hello, ladies!"
    This is the inside. The box you see there is the framed opening to the outside run. The RIR, one of the four we picked up on Sunday, had some possibly serious issues with her feet, so we actually brought her back and exchanged her for a different bird (the Silver-Laced Wyandotte) the next day. She was also quite loud, prancing around and going "bukbukbuk buuuuuuuk!" I sure hope they don't all do that so loudly when they get a bit older. Our youngest 2 are still peeping, so I don't know for sure what we're in for.
    This is the run. It is made from a 6x6x6 dog kennel. The birds are learning to get in and out, and are doing a pretty good job of it so far. Next summer, we'd like to add a couple of panels to the run to expand it and raise a couple of chicks. We'll probably put a nicer roof on it then too, and enclose it in lattice so we don't have to look at the kennel walls. We'll leave a cutout for viewing, though, because watching them is proving to be a lot of fun.
    Our boys are very excited and sweet with them so far. The dog is quite interested, but not stressed. The Buff Orpington and the Barred Rock are the youngest, and they were hatched together 11 weeks ago. They are very tame, quite sweet, and will sit in our laps or even on our shoulders (though we'd best not encourage that for much longer). We let them into the yard in the evenings. The Ameracauna is 15 weeks old and the Wyandotte is almost 19 weeks. They are both quite a bit more cautious, but will let us hold them and don't peck. I don’t quite trust them in the yard yet, as they aren’t easy to catch. We hope to have our first eggs by the end of the summer. I'd love to get feedback on our set-up!
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    Jun 4, 2007
    Hello Fellow Minnesotans!!!

    I live in Hastings out in the country on 27 acres of land. Hastings is just in the edge of the SE Metro area. I have 57 chickens plus I gained 9 more from a vacation bible school in town. I have 25 Cornish X's, and then the rest are assorted egg layers. they are 4 weeks old.
    I have 5 Buff Orphingtons
    3 BR, 3 Black Australorps, 6 EE, 4 SLW, 3 Black Sex Links, 3 RIR, 3 Gold Stars, 3 White Rocks, and not sure what the 9 donated from the vacation bible school are......they are smaller than the Cornish so I am thinking I got some more egg layers. I intend to sell the eggs to family, friends, neigbors and coworkers. So already have a client list.

    We just got done building the coop 9 x 22' in our horse barn. (We dont have horses anymore) Plus this last weekend I put in the 150' of fencing. Its a huge chicken run. I will not free-range them as we have big coyote problem near our house.
    I am not married with no kids except a dog. I live with my elderly parents and help take care of the homestead.

    If anyone has trouble in the twin cities area for DE, I found a supplier in Rosemount, a farm and feed supply store called Fluegals, they order it for me in 50 lb bags!!! If anyone in the cities area is interested and can't find it let me know I work in between the downtowns and can always arrange to pick it up.

    I got most of my supplies from Fleet Farm, there is one in Lakeville and then in Oakdale which I frequent. I get all my feed from a grain Elevator couple miles down the street. They have everything I need. Sweet PDZ, wood shavings, feed and grit.

    If anyone is interested in finding a processor for chickens I found two the closest to me in Goodhue County. I couldnt believe the price! Bag and freeze For 30 chickens, 2.10 a bird!!!! There are some too in Northern Minnesota on my list.

    Nice to know there are chicken fans so close.
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    May 20, 2007
    Northern Minnesota
    Can you let me know the processors that are in Northern Minnesota? I would appreciate that. I dont think that I can do it myself. I plan on getting meat chickens as soon as I get all my chickens into the new coop so that i can use the old one for raising meat birds. Thanks so Much.
    Ps, nice to see other minnesotans here.
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    Aug 2, 2007
    I am very new to this site and I am so glad to see so many others from Minnesota!! I live just north of Mankato by about 14 miles. I have 8 Hens that are about 15 weeks old and 1 Rooster the same age. The roo is Nugget... hence my screen name!![​IMG]
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    Aug 14, 2007
    Oakland, CA
    Hello from the East Side of St. Paul!

    We've got just two Buff Orpingtons (maybe one's a rooster...?) and some kind of EE. Finally finished a little triangular chicken tractor that they seem plenty happy in.

    I just wish the neighbors next door didn't have pit bulls. Sweet with people, but a little too interested in the chickens.

    I'm pretty confident in the coop - knock on wood. [​IMG]

    See you all at the State Fair, even if we don't recognize each other, I bet!!!

    - K.
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    Aug 19, 2007
    Dayton, MN
    I'm in Dayton, MN. Home to 8 bantams: 1 red cochin, 2 old eng game, 2 black silkies, 2 golden sebright hens, 1 golden sebright roo (free to a good home). 1 border collie, 1 terrier mix, 1 cat (thinks he's a dog), 2 love birds....I think that is it..[​IMG]
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    Sep 13, 2007
    Southern MN
    Hi Everyone! I have been lurking on this BYC forum for months. I'm just south of Northfield, about 35 miles south of St. Paul.

    What great advice I've gotten ~ I've been looking for DE - thanks for the information chickending! I processed my extra roosters in Dennison - bagged and fresh, 12 birds cost $20.00 (small discount for cash). There is no way I could do it for $20! I get my supplies from Fleet Farm (Lakeville) and my feed from Chub Lake Feed in Castle Rock.

    I have 6 silver laced Wyandotte hens, 7 buff Orpington hens, and 1 buff Orp. rooster.
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    Dec 23, 2007
    :)hello to everyone in Minnesota. Hopefully you all had a great Christmas and are looking forward to welcoming the New Year.

    I would really like to be able to keep some some chicken, but the problem is that am in the twin cities. Space for the chicken is going to be limited to them.

    If there is anyone located close to the twin cities and is willing to rent a little protion of there land for me to build a chicken coop for a low cost please, and I really mean please let me know.

    There was a guy about 30 miles from here that rented his land out to some of my co-worker for $50. each year, but I couldn't get a hold of him:(.

    I would like to build a coop in early spring

    Warm Regards,

    [email protected]
  10. Chickending

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    Jun 4, 2007
    I used the processor in Dennison too, it was SO much a deal. I processed 25 birds and paid $50. No way I could do it myself that cheap. It was a 20-30 minute drive for me but it worked out ok. They were very efficient about it too. Great place!

    Lindamass15, What part of the cities are you? I am in the SE area but know of a few farmers in the area who might rent out space, just not sure where you are.

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