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    Nov 15, 2012
    Wow, your Welp order did much better than mine. Mine supposedly left on Tuesday, but they didn't get scanned at the post office of origin, so no one is really sure, however the shipping label was made on Tuesday and the box shows they should have left Lubbock, TX for MSP via Fedex that day. So hatched Tuesday moring and at the air mail center before 5pm leaving on a plane at 11pm. Apparently should have been at MSP by 7am (why a 2 hour flight should take 9 hours, I do not know). And this is where it gets dicey. They were not scanned in at the St Paul mail center for sorting until 10:30pm Thursday. When my local PO called on Friday morning about 6am, my first question was "are they alive" (fearing the absolute worst). Apparently there was peeping from the box so DH drove right over and got them. Upon opening the box, it was like a holocaust. Most of the chicks were frozen or nearly frozen. We put anything standing upright immediately in the brooder. We then attempted to warm any that were still breathing, but not yet gasping. We managed to revive about 8-10, however all but two of those have succumbed to the effects of hypothermia since then. Out of 33, we are left with 10 live, thriving chicks. I think these will all live, they are eating well and seem to have grown significantly since arrival. Sadly, all of our bantam Polish perished. We are left with 1 bantam white faced black spanish, 3 bantam barred cochin and 6 bantam dark cornish. Not a single extra chick in the box, despite what Welp says about putting in extras just in case some of them die. I'll be making the call to the hatchery tomorrow to report the losses and schedule a re-ship for the end of next month (which is apparently the next time they will have the availablility.)

    I have had mixed results with shipped chicks this time of year. I try not to order from any state not touching MN so they don't have to get on a plane. However, Welp was less than forthcoming up front about where these chicks would ship from and they ended up coming from New Mexico. They had what DH wanted to get so we ordered from them. We'll re-order in hopes the shipping system doesn't lose them again, but won't do it a third time (if these show up frozen, we'll just get a refund and find a new source). McMurray has been good. We got some from them a couple years ago after a disasterous box of chick-sicles from Meyer at the end of March and the McMurray birds shipped on a Monday and arrived Tuesday very early AM without one single loss. I just with they had a few more breeds. I may wait until May to see about getting a few more things I wanted (like a cockrel from Lancaster Fancy Fowl for my d'Uccle flock) just to be sure they get here in good shape. However, given the time frame for trying a meat bird project, we really needed to start our first batch about now, so waiting another month will be a bit of a setback. If I wasn't so smitten by the bantams, I would never order via the mail, but the bantam choices locally are rather limited and any feed store, etc who ever has them seem to only have a mixed bin, which doesn't work for what I'm doing. I might have to sometime get some bantam favorelles from Minne sometime though - those sure are cute.
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    What a horror story!
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    I have a 4 month old Splash Cochin Cockerel $25.00
    He is out of Show Quality Blue Cochins
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    I agree. I could never have them poor babies shipped to me in this weather. It would just break my heart to open a box of frozen and dead chicks. [​IMG]
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    I totaly agree. Its hard enough to hatch chicks with a broody hen then find some frozen.:(
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    Ugh, the shipping stories! We placed our first order with MM and are expecting them on 3/23. Hopefully they arrive safe and warm. I would not object to some "packing peanuts", but do they still add to your order if you placed the minimum of 25?

    We went back and forth on driving down to pick them up. However, it is 150 miles one way and so we went with the shipping. We didn't want to wait any longer because we were hoping to have some hens laying before next winter.
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    Jul 11, 2014
    Orrock township, Minnesota

    I got 3 peanuts with my order of 25...

    I like to think Bert was a peanut...

    Speaking of frozen babies...... When I let the girls out today one followed me then made a quick 90 into the lean too on the granary......... I have had a problem with them wanting to lay eggs in the lean too and under the granary. I thought I had solved it. I stopped and watched her go into the lean too, She even clucked at me on the way in. I think she was saying "keep out, Girls only'.

    There is an old grill in the lean too. She waked behind it, I stayed still watching her thinking I will see if she goes to a nest. She disappeared! I could not find her. She just vanished. I looked around and found her sitting inside an old tire. On a nest with 2 frozen eggs. Right next to another tire with a nest in it and two more frozen eggs. I hate to have to lock them up, but my egg "collections" has fallen off.

    Today they were all over the woods, kicking through the leaves that had come through the snow on the south side of the trees. I bet I have nests all over, Which might help explain why I went from 26 eggs from 30 girls to the 8 I got today......

    Maybe they are just caught up in the easter season, and will stop hiding them soon.
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    I have old english game bantams and just let the hens hatch. I have occasionally (mostly with first time moms) gone out to find chicks away from the moms, lost in a corner or whatever that look to be dead, don't seem to be breathing and some are even kind of stiff but I always try to warm them up before I bury them. I have been surprised many times at what I thought was a gonner coming back and thriving. Of course, they haven't been without water or food for a couple of days either.
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    Oh jbenson!! I am sorry to hear that!! Too bad!! Hope things get worked out for you and any new shipments.

    coldupnorth only one DOA is pretty good after 2-3 days since hatch. Any loss is truly sad but glad to hear it was minimal,

    As far as packing peanuts go, I technically ordered 59 birds, got one free rare chick McMurray gives, and I got 2 packing peanuts on top of that. Total 62 birds in all.

    Of the 31 I have that are mine to keep, they look great and are super funny.

    Duluthralphie-you better find out were your girls are laying!! That is a big downturn in egg production.

    On a happy note for us, we went from 3 for the last 2 weeks to 5 eggs today AND I think my EES are getting really close to laying. They are checking out the insides of the nest boxes and their combs are coming in real nice. I am SUPER excited to have them start laying!
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    Feb 6, 2015
    Wow - these DOA arrival stories are sad. I'd probably have some sort of chick wake to prevent accidential burying alive. :(

    Stay warm everyone!

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