Minor frostbite case--what to do right now?

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    Hi everyone! Here in VT it is currently -5 F and dropping. Low tonight is -16F with wind chill of -34F. I am new to chickens, and noticed as I shut my hens in tonight that my Welsummer had a slight lighter section of her comb. After researching it on here, I am pretty sure she has a mild case of frostbite.

    She's in the coop, which is a portion of my very sturdy 15 x 15' garden shed. She is certainly out of the wind now, and they have the extra space of the garden shed to prevent high humidity (at least it has so far). She's with her chicken friends.

    I am wondering if I should go out there in the dark and grab her and put her in the garage? Unfortunately I do not have a good chicken isolation unit. She would be in the garage where I store a bunch of hay. It will stay around 25F in there tonight as it is a part of my basement and under the heated house.

    Is it best to not distress her removing her from her friends since it is mild? I can put vaseline on it in the morning and I think I have some metacam. She layed an egg today and was bright and active. Or should I get her into a warmer spot ASAP?
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