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    I had a broody hen laying on eggs and first one hatched and not sure if she killed it or if she had left nest and someone else did but didn't want to risk a second one.
    When 2nd one was born I put my Buff Orphington that had been such a good mom to her 4 chicks in the new pen and put this one with her and she seemed to accept itand let it go under her for warmth. We had an appt and had to leave and when returned found it with eyes shut laying on side ice cold.
    I picked it up to dispose of it and felt a tiny tiny movement... If I had had on gloves like I usually do if going to clean nests which is what I was going to do however had left gloves in house and thought will just check on chick and then go back for gloves,thankfully I did not have those gloves!!!! I wouldn't have felt the movement if I had had them on I also know without a doubt if we had been gone another 5 minutes he/she wouldn"t have made it

    I ran in house put hand towel in microwave and husband ran for heat lamp

    I layed her/him in towell and lightly stroked him/her until heat lamp was plugged in and held her/him by heat lamp for half an hr first 1 foot moved than another then eyes opened.and she/he drank a drop of water out of my hand...
    I Kept he/she in basket with straw and heat lamp in bathtuv over night and got up all night long to check on him/her
    each time I tapped my finger in waterer like mom chickens do and she finally started to drink on his/her own the next morning I did a little scratching with my finger and he/she ate a few bites.

    Next day I took all the bedding out of the nest of the one who had the other chicks and put it in new pen and she went right into the nest and accepted the new chick this time..

    My own feelings but I think she may have thought she was in someone elses territory and did not want to accept chick.
    I took the rest of the 5 eggs and put under her and now have 6 lively chicks LOL
    when I go out though and the miracle baby hears my voice he/she comes out from under mom and right up to me now is 4 days old and actually I feel pretty proud right now if I do say so myself this was indeed a miracle chick and will always have a forever home he/she is a Brahma mix feathred feed and all ad definatlely wanted to live !!

    Meanwhile a friend wanted 4 fertle eggs for her chicken as did not have a rooster then she had to leave town as her daughter is having a baby and having problems. soooooooooooo I now have her hen and my 4 eggs here that should be born on the 23rd LOL so have extra hen now too

    My husband wants to know when can quit building pens and fencing LOL
    I said well at least now we have the different age stages of pens and are all outside with a coop in each pen.. The older flock talks to them daily (hopefully are telling them what to watch for when they are pasture free) and to be sure to come in at night to be safe!!! Originally stated out with 5 hens 3 years ago and at moment have 20 counting the chicks, 2 French Alpine goats and 4 heritage turkeys Somehow our 10 acres seems to be shrinking !!

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