Missing a front neck feathers?

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Jun 1, 2020
Our smallest hen (Baby Spice) is missing feathers both on the front and back of her neck. I think the missing feathers on the back are from the largest and meanest hen (Scary Spice) picking on her (which I'm also looking for any insight on, how much bullying is too much in hens?).

But I'm mostly wondering about these feathers in the front. Could they be from stress? We've only had the chickens for a week as they were included with the purchase of our house. The previous owners said they were friendly and didn't peck but Scary Spice has pecked me once or twice -- and I don't blame her, we're strangers.

Or are the missing feathers due to illness/poor conditions? I cleaned out their coop a few days ago and have been refreshing their water, but maybe there is some pest still bothering her?

She's still laying right now and her eggs look normal. Just wondering if anyone has experienced something similar/knows what's going on with those missing feathers.

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The feather loss looks like it may be from picking, but I would watch her to see if she's picking at her own feathers on her breast.

Check her and the others for lice and mites (article below).
I would also check her crop to see that it's emptying by morning. The crop is found on the right side of her breast - you should be able to feel food there in the evening (like a bean bag) before she goes to roost. In the morning, that same area should be empty.

Chickens do peck at one another. Is it only the 2?

https://the-chicken-chick.com/poult...y mite infestation can,and death of a chicken.


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